Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Simply Red Hot-Head

Two days til the shoot and I am still feeling horribly viral. I don't seem to be able to rest, my body hurts too much. I went Qi Kwan Do training last night in the hope of sweating it out. Although I felt better for about half an hour, as soon as I stopped moving I felt horrible again. 

However, on the positive side, I DID feel better for an hour or so AND I have had the hair colour done for the shoot. Happy days!

Donato has been hard at work on our little prop, making it from scratch, by hand no less! Well that's dedication for you. He says this is what photography is all about for him - preparing all the details over weeks, building (or sewing in the case of my dress) things up from scratch and watching it all come together in one perfect moment in time. Works for me!

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