Monday, 10 October 2011

Hot Pants Wk1 - RESULTS!

With my training on hold and succumbing to one of Autumn's sneakier viruses I did not expect astounding results from my Hot Pants at week 1.

HOWEVER after locating my tape-measure once more I had to eat my cynicism! My results were as follows: 

Upper Thigh:

Left - 21.25 inches (loss of 1/4 inch)
Right - 21.5 inches (loss of 1/2 inch)

Bum/Hips: 36.75 inches (loss of 1/4 inch)

Lower waist/muffin-top area: 33 inches (no change)

Natural waist: 26.5 inches (loss of 1/2 inch)

Appearance of cellulite: Still present but definitely less apparent

It is the natural waist that has surprised me most, considering that the shorts barely reach that part of my anatomy, however the overall effect that they seem to be having is surprising!

My shoot is this Friday coming so I shall no doubt be sleeping in Hot Shorts until then! And a re-measure at 2 weeks on Monday.

Stay tuned! x

*Thanks to and for the picture and advice on taking measurements.

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