Friday, 14 October 2011

Straight Shooting

Sunrise on the day of the shoot was beautiful. The reason I saw the sunrise was not so beautiful! Flu and stomach cramps threatened to put a stop to proceedings, but the sight of the sunrise caused me to delay calling the shoot off. It was going to be a gorgeous day. It was worth nursing myself a bit to see if I could get well enough to proceed.

Having cautiously attempted breakfast I was contemplating cancellation once again. The sun had risen by this point and it was indeed a beautiful morning, perfect for the shoot! How frustrating that I felt so awful! It was at this point that my little dusky familiar friend Rex the Rabbit decided to get involved. He hopped over to the little table on which my breakfast plate was perched and snaffled a cotton reel that I had thoughtlessly left there on completing the red dress last night. As far as I recall, I had pushed a needle into the reel as you do and in the horror of a split second I remembered this just as Rex was troughing something down with vigour. What?? thread? Something unrelated? A NEEDLE??

I immediately freaked out and scrambled around to find the number for Animalism the vetinary surgery in St Albans. The lady on the phone was fantastic, she translated my sobbed information and asked me to bring him down immediately. The kind vet was unable to find anything in Rex's mouth or throat to my relief, but advised keeping an eye on him. 

The adrenaline produced by the incident had the useful effect of making me feel much better, so rather than cancel, I decided to do hair and makeup and see how I felt when Donato arrived to pick me up.

Minutes later we were on our way to Bury Dell, wearing wellies and carrying the red dress in a bin bag! It's no easy task for a photographer to shoot on location without an assistant. You have to think of everything! And there are added complication when shooting in the wilds of nature! The stream we shot in was beautifully clear, very close to it's source and energetically carrying the train of the dress down stream constantly! Despite all this the location was perfect and we got exactly what we wanted.

Am I going to show you the shots now? No I am not! I'm afraid you will have to wait for the EP before I can do that, but see below for what we ended up with ;)

  Be seeing you soon! xxx

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