Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Hot Pants Hottie

This morning dawned and I was ready to really commit to the Hot Pants experience. I was wondering, as every day, what shall I wear?? As it was warm and I was heading out for the school run I wore this:

I felt I could afford to do a little brand flashing! After the school run, I headed to the studio to work on a Lucid Logic track (coming soon!) then rushed back to St A in time to bake my dear friend Ms Eliz a birthday cake. From there I changed into my Qi Kwan Do uniform and ran to school to pick up my son! I wouldn't normally, I really dislike running but I was so late! Then it was 1.5 hours of QKD training. Of course our instructor chose this day to train us intensively on... legs of course! Loads of kicks, most of which were appropriate to higher belts than me. Ouch. However, my worst Hot Pants fears were proved unfounded. Of course I sweated. I would have sweated without the Hot Pants but to my surprise they were not uncomfortable or restrictive. I didn't feel I was overheating at all. 

By the time we got home again I was ready to retire them for the night. I washed them quickly and hung them out to dry, ready to surprise Ms Eliz with a birthday cake lit by a blazing firework!

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