Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Fancy Pants & Fancy Dress

As you will know if you are a Hot Pants enthusiast, these shorts can only be washed by hand in cold water. Following their initial baptism yesterday evening my shorts were still wet in the morning. Consequently I went out without them to school and studio today. Naughty! 

I had a phonecall during the day from my photographer Donato Cinicolo 
to say that we may need to move our shoot forward due to the seasonal conditions at our location. Help! That would mean making the dress sort of.. well now, or choosing an alternative location. It also cuts into the halfway point of my Hot Pants challenge which means, well, more cellulite will be present than planned! Nothing for it but to wear them day and night until the shoot. Well, all day at least.

Arriving home I discover they are still wet, but as I had two sports massage client appointments swiftly approaching, I thought what the hell, I'm going to get sweaty anyway! I can see why people choose to buy an extra pair as the need to wash them arises almost daily, however, I will not go to this extravagance until after the two week test period.

I use my precious spare two hours before school run to start work on the red dress and am surprised at the progress I make. I have a great deal of stitching to do but at least I know what needs doing! So I now have some pretty domesticated plans following my massage clients tonight.

Wish me luck. Now for another pint of water...

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