Monday, 3 October 2011

Red hot and Hot Pants...

Less than two weeks to the shoot now and I find myself strangely lacklustre. It may be that I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the task I have set myself of creating my own garment. 

I had a successful shopping trip to Jersey Vogue Fabrics in Edgeware where I purchased a 9 metre end of vivid crimson silk dupion, gorgeous fabric. Now to create the look! Fortunately I still have Maria's tailor's dummy here in my flat and she has made me a sketch and given me tips as to how to go about it. 

It's now just a case of going for it. 

One of my measures to prepare myself for the shoot has been to buy some of the acclaimed HOT PANTS (tm) from Zaggora. I have this very moment started my two week challenge and am sitting, blogging wearing them.

The moment I took them out of the package I was reminded of my neglected wetsuit. Why? because neoprene is exactly what they resemble! First I measured myself.

Upper Thigh:
left - 21.5 inches
right - 22 inches

Bum/Hips: 37 inches

Lower waist/muffin top area: 33 inches

Natural waist: 27 inches

I feel it's important to be thorough! I have already made a start with toning up thanks to two months so far of Qi Kwan Do, a martial art. I've been training 2 or three times a week and I have seen a noticeable difference in my body tone and fat coverage! However, although my saddlebags have shrunk they are certainly still there, as is the appearance of cellulite covering the whole bum and thigh area to varying degrees. This is where I feel the Hot Pants come in. I am hoping they will ramp up the effectiveness of my regular workouts and even have an effect at more sedentary times.

After squeezing them on the first thing I notice is a prickly sensation. I hope they don't give me a heat rash! I am thinking. They are quite cosy but as I look down at my tummy I am reminded of a beached whale due to the extra bulk that the shorts provide! Yes, do not make the mistake of confusing these shorts with control pants. They are not the same thing at all. They aim to provide a long-term physical improvement, not a temporary cosmetic one.

Well, lets check in on the Hot Shorts in one week, I promise to wear them at least 30 minutes a day!

Maybe I can get that lustre back after all...

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