Thursday, 6 October 2011

Elbows, knees and NO Kwan Do :(

To my relief, my marvellous osteopath Meraz Ahmed was able to offer me an appointment at 12pm today. As the next available appointment was not for two weeks I seized the opportunity to get my small skeletal niggles sorted out before they start screaming for attention!

Today was a day for all-day Hot Pants dedication. Working out of B Healthy health food shop in St Albans I was going to be standing all day (except for my osteopath apointment!) which had to be a good thing. Following this I was planning to do 1.5 hours Qi Kwan Do training and a final sports massage client. Exercise a-plenty!

Things did not quite go according to plan. It was only when I started listing my areas of concern to Meraz that I realized just how much my body hurt. It's not surprising considering that I had plunged head-first into intensive martial arts training only two months ago, and my massage client base has doubled over the same period. Despite my emphasis on correct posture while working, my body was understandably feeling the strain. Unfortunately for my exercise plans, I was advised to take a couple of days off training to give my inflamed calves, knees and a case of the massage therapist's tennis elbow a chance to calm down. After taking note of the recommended ruta grav cream for strains, I set off back to work.

The afternoon was spent flashing my Hot Pants to interested female customers who all promised to return in two weeks to discover my results. One particular young hairdresser was halfway through a maple syrup detox and struggling with irritability. She said she hadn't lost any weight at all. After the natural Hot Pants conversation, it occured to me to ask how much water she was drinking. To my surprise she said that she never drinks water, and that she felt the water contained in the Maple Syrup concoction would be enough. Rob, nutritional therapist and the owner of B Healthy went a shade paler. I then explained that without at least 2 litres of water a day to help wash through the toxins she was shedding she was likely not only to feel tired but also to experience water retention. It looked to me as though she didn't really have a weight problem, probably just water retention related in part to her job which keeps her on her feet all day. I am not an expert, but I suggested, with Rob's support that she gradually build up her water intake to 2 litres a day and see if she started to lose weight. Anything left over after her 7 days could surely be dealt with much less uncomfortably by a pair of Hot Pants!

All in all it was a successful day, despite my training ban. Thank God for Hot Pants if not for them, I would feel I hadn't a chance at keeping the thigh-shaping ball rolling! This is me signing off, sitting on my hot little bottom!

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