Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Ga Ga Gallery! x

Reports from the dance studio shoot were good, Hollie in her best off-the-shoulder rehearsal gear - our homage I feel to the late Patrick Swayze.
Later that day, all hairspray and makeup, Hollie and I quit a living room full of clothes and ribbon to join Roy and Donato for an intrepid drive into dark and drizzly london. We met up with Gabriel in the unreal surreal surrounds of St Paul's Cathedral (couldnt help busting out a bit of 'Feed the Birds' from Mary Poppins) and made our way to the Millenium Bridge. The steps underneath this bridge set the scene for our latin lovers' meeting as well as an improptu bit of 'Singing in the Rain' from Roy and I together with a pink umbrella. Fortunately the rain was barely there and we were able to complete the filming within the hour despite frequent interruptions from the City's enthusiastic running community!
Next we set off into the back streets of the area for a bit of miming, posing and strutting on my part to the amusement of groups of businessmen huddled outside pubs with pint in hand. Well, you should have seen what I was wearing... in fact, you will if you stay tuned as some pics will be up here in the next couple of days to keep you in touch with the 'Action!' and yes, they do shout that - JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIES lol! ;) I found myself screaming 'CUT!!' at one point, only to remember that is - ahem - not my job!I was more than happy to remove my killer heels when we finally wrapped for the evening and join Hollie in the superior furry boots. I bought us a round, (least I could do), and introduced everyone to Wasabi nuts in a rather lovely back street pub around Ludgate Hill. Roy Scammell has a lovely Frank Sinatra style voice you know, which for a man in his 70s is saying something! I can't quite believe that he worked with all those golden oldies - and now he's working with me! I must be the luckiest girl alive.
We are shooting the kitchen scene today with professional makeup artist Elise Bishop on set. Watch this space for more info!

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