Thursday, 8 October 2009

Fantasies realized in London...

Love this shot - def one for the wall, and the best one of my styling efforts for that shoot!

Hollie and Roy :)

The director in action


Easy tiger!

Wow, we have some great stills from the last 3 locations! I know you will love them. I want to give you all an impression of what it is like to go through this process. Last night as we went through the pictures I kept saying 'wow that's a great picture' and Donato would say 'It looks even better when it's moving!' and I really believe him. We had another photographer Antonio Casiero working with us on the stills for the kitchen scene and I think you'll agree he has really captured some beautiful moments. I have just been blown away by my dancer/actors Gabriel and Hollie. I always knew I wanted Hollie in the video but she has surpassed even my high expectations and Donato wholeheartedly agrees. As both an actress and a dancer she is both sensitive and electric. As for Gabriel, he wasnt even supposed to be in Club Havana that night! It happened by accident and I certainly think he was dropped there by heaven ;) When they move together it's 'as if intimacy began with us' just like the song. On a more superficial note... check out those arms! lol! It's so exciting to see my little musical story brought to life in such a beautiful way. Keep watching!

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