Tuesday, 6 October 2009

First Day of shooting

First day of shooting today, Hollie, Gabriel and Donato and his production team have all been delayed by the rain on the way to the dance studio!

Had a great gig at Eliz's bday party my dear cousin Nath played guitar for me for the first time ever, and did a fantastic job of it! He has been dubbed 'Uncle Festo' due to his endless tales of music festival madness. Unfortunately he can't make the 'rehearsal' shoot on Friday so I have drafted in the delightful (and of course professional) Mr Paul Bailey for the job. It will be so great to see him again! Also on the scene on Friday will be my dear friend Phil Clark on djembe and professional bass player Mr Jerry Logan. If you were at Jazz Cafe on Sunday evening you will have caught him in action. We have been looking for an upright bass for the shoot, but will have to leave it to 'artistic license' as those things are rarer than dateless 20 pence pieces apparently...Suspect we will be rained on at St Paul's steps this evening, I foresee buying lots of coffee for the crew!

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