Saturday, 10 October 2009

Shoot and Miss

When you ask 3 professional musicians to be in a certain place at a certain time, results may vary. But on this occasion even I was running late. After one of those nights that mothers everywhere will understand I was concerned that I may be looking my worst, but happily avoided the need to apply hemarroid cream to the bags under my eyes cos, guess what - no bags! Not that I had any lying around in any case - very careless of me - MUST INVEST. When an artist is their own stylist and makeup artist she cannot afford to caught short without that last minute fix! ;)
The guys (Paul Bailey, Phil Clarke, Jerry Logan) arrived shortly after me and Donato and we entered the strange world of musical mime. It wasnt until the second take that Jerry revealed his secret weapon.. vegas like lighting running up the neck of his bass. Donato was in raptures, but Jerry remained reserved... Paul was the most experienced of all of the band, having the claim to fame of being flashed by Martine McCutcheon while miming for her. I did not aim to top that experience for him... The shoot went really well, punctuated by lunch at a little cafe in the tiny town centre which involved socio-political discussion and CAKE! At the end of the day we were all smiling and went our separate ways. Stills were taken by Antonio again and I can't wait to see them! but it wont be before Tuesday *sigh* but I promise to share them with you as soon as I have them!I've left the CD cover design on backburner in the last week so I need to get on it next week. We are so nearly there!
Next shoot scheduled for Tuesday.

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