Monday, 19 September 2011

Year of the Producer

Oh how I have neglected you my blog! apologies for that. Life, however, moves in seasons and this year, as I posted way back at New Year 2011 has been one in which music has been infused in my energies more than ever before. I owe this largely, apart from my own efforts of course, to my new best friend and mentor Ozz LP who has taken me under his wing, helped me to build my own personal studio, taught me the ways of music production (still so much more to learn!) and involved me in a number of his own projects. When I lightheartedly referred to this as the year of the Producer on Facebook, months ago, I didn't realise that I, myself would be one of the producers I worked with.

Stand by for a summary of this year's events, just as soon as I come out of an online gathering with Mark Hill of Artful Dodger acclaim! ;)

Stay tuned xx

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