Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Year of the Producer II

Probably the easiest way to update you with the events of the last 8 months is to provide you with the highlights. That way you should still be awake and ready for more by the end ;)

Socially the later part of 2010 was a blast, but not particularly productive musically speaking! Excellent material for songwriting though..

New Year's Eve - I attend the NYE Uptownboogiedown at the invitation of DJs Jafar and Maxime Cescau, collectively known as the irresistible force: Poussez (www.artizanmusic.co.uk). Producer and friend Andy Touchfingers was also in attendance so I was set for a good night. Little did I know it would be a great night!

It was Andy who introduced me to Ozz LP, describing him as a 'talented up-and-coming R&B singer'. Introductions out of the way, we spent the rest of January getting-to-know, culminating in teaming up for a trip to Gothenburg, Sweden for Uptownboogiedown at it's Swedish stamping-ground Locatelli. Turns out that Ozz is not only a singer but also a musician, composer and producer. Catch his work at www.ozzlp.com or www.soundcloud.com/ozzlp. We discussed working together on some tracks and had a fantastic time reuniting with Jaf, Max and meeting the Poussez new-blood DJ Andreas Saag.

Chilling (literally) outside Locatelli

Andreas Saag

A life-changing couple of months. I leave my office-based corporate job to find a business that will work around my son and my music.

Ozz and I start working on the songs for my next EP. 

I start my own massage business. Discussions with some lovely female artists regarding the possibility of forming a girl group.

With guidance from Ozz LP I build my own home recording studio and work on producing the basis of new material myself.

The girls come round and we work on some potential material for the band.

Work on the EP ramps up as do my production skills. I now have 4 new tracks in the pipeline and we are working on a preview track for the girls. New talent is coming out of the woodwork, vocalists, rappers!

I am invited to participate in a week of writing and production with a newly formed collective Lucid Logic.

The summer holidays means plenty of adventures with my son!

As the kids return to school Lucid Logic get their heads down and write and produce 3 new tracks, to be made available as part of a 4 song EP on itunes in late 2011.

I am invited to perform one of the new tracks with April Blue at an acoustic set.

All in all a very productive year so far! I am itching to get my songs completed ready for release later this year, not to mention get some new publicity shots of the new me up online! More of that to come...

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