Thursday, 7 January 2010


You'd think, wouldn't you, that now I have an EP and a music video under my belt that I would be going all out to promote myself as an artist. I must admit that I enjoyed the attention for a while. However, my reflections over the holiday period may have brought me more in line with how I really want my life to look. A little over two years ago I was in a marriage with a semi-professional musician who, lovely as he is, was away A LOT at a time when we needed him. Being a mother, I don't want to become that kind of parent. I want to work whatever I do, and whatever my son wants/needs to do into a design that functions for both of us. Emphasis on the FUN in function. If I make music it will be for the pleasure of it, not for fame or the hard way to make money! Certainly, I want to be able to earn doing the things I adore, but I adore doing many things. A bit of everything, or a season for each would be perfect. Can I make this dream happen?

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