Thursday, 7 January 2010

Financial blues

Whilst my attempts to keep my love of fashion in tune with my pursuit of a harmonious spirituality continue, I am in some way obliged to a comparative level of aceticism by a financial low. To be truly pleasing, pleasures must be self-sustaining and when it comes to cash-to-create it looks as though things may be lean for a while. However, I can use a sewing machine and with the number of clothes that i have already amassed, the possibilities are almost endless. This calls for a 'sort and store' - choosing a selection to keep to hand for now, so that when Spring finally shows its face, I will be ready to kick in with the florals and clashing prints as though I have never worn them before... fortunately I'm also pretty handy with the sewing as these little handmade accessories from last year will display!
I am so fickle with my fads. I am now pretty much over the shiny holiday metallics I favour, and with the descent of snow I have resurrected my knitwear collection. Today I am cosy in leggings, an orange gathered waist loose roll-neck jumper dress in burnt orange, a sage green babydoll knit jumper inherited from an ex housemate, cosy knit thigh-high blue socks (worn gathered at the ankle) and a pair of taupe stack-heeled sandals. A further concession to the weather? A russian faux fur hat! Sadly my paps arent around today so no photo! ;) but if I get one I will share...

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