Saturday, 5 September 2009

The Angel Gabriel has Landed!

I'm not saying I can salsa well, but it seems in the last few weeks I have displayed a natural ability! Hollie Wilkins, the chosen lead dancer for my music video and my dear friend has been scouring the latin nights of herts beds and bucks to find the male lead. And it looks as though we may just have found him...

Donato, the director has been getting impatient to begin, and I must say I am with him on that. After spending a couple of weeks frequenting Club Havana in St Albans Gabriel caught my eye. Hollie had never seen him before, but the moment I saw the way he moved I knew he was the man I wanted for the shoot. I grabbed him and asked him to dance with Hollie and all Heaven broke loose. I cannot describe the level of presence and reality - the energy of sheer existance that erupts when these two dance together. You will see it yourself on the video Insha Allah!

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