Thursday, 22 March 2012

Boldy Locks & The 3 Hairs

 We all love a natural beauty, although we all know that these days, achieving that takes a great deal of effort! But what about unnatural beauty? If there is a place for unnatural beauty in this world of ours surely this is it, in the hub of creative fashionistas and fashionistos. I have a theory that people these days, due to the tendency of many to colour their hair, wouldn't know the difference between natural hair and dyed hair if their life depended on it. For some time my hair was raven black and it never failed to surprise me when people said “But you're naturally dark.” Quite the opposite was true. More recently I have taken the plunge into a hair colour that can in no way be mistaken for being natural. And suddenly I find myself in a fashion-dilemma. What to wear? Fashion always offers two great possibilities when it comes to colour, what I have dubbed The Blend and The Clash. I confess that with the existing reds and pinks in my wardrobe I am struggling with the Blend. Why? Because my hair colour at present loosely resembles Candy Canes, or (for the British amongst us) Rhubarb and Custard sweets. So I look to the fashion-focused of Chictopia for inspiration...
Beautiful_Loser here is a good example of the blend. The teal urban outfitters top strengthens the blue theme without becoming too overpowering and the blue jeans just cool the whole look down to the tips of her studded toes.

Beneaththeglass is an inspiration as far as unnatural haircolour is concerned, and the way she has blended her unintentional mixed colour hair with this skirt is nothing short of talented. Having admired the blending, she employs the Clash masterfully here against the black leather jacket.

Here Cammila uses The Clash to gorgeous effect in one of my favourite colour combination, cobalt blue with hot pink. The look is at the same time daring and restrained. The cappuccino shoes come from a totally different natural/nude palette but still work as they are tonal with the more naturally coloured part of her hair. The silver glow ties it all together. 

Notwithoutincident evidently shares my opinion that blue goes with... well, everything and her back-catalogue of looks is well worth a peep as they are both daring and magnetic. Rather than the blue hair being an obstacle to overcome, she uses it as an excuse for an anything-could-happen attitude that brings joy to a fashionista's eyes!

My conclusion? Why be conservative if you have taken the bold step of making your locks such a statement element of your daily looks? As we have seen so beautifully showcased by our fellow Chictopians, as always, anything is possible...

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